Nour always dreamed of a traditional Lebanese House in the mountains… In 2017, she visited the house almost abandoned and inhabited by refugees but something was charming about this place… Olive trees and vines trellises surrounding a stone simple house with a beautiful cellar. In April 2019, Jean, the house owner, in need of money to marry his daughter called back Nour inviting her to buy the house… A sign of the destiny…

In August 2019, Nour Bought the house and restored it within almost a year (October 2019-December 2020) willing to open it to visitors, authenticity lovers to experience a peaceful stay in Chabtine village.

From overseeing its initial plan, sourcing the house’s unique decoration with her travel souvenirs or local findings as fossils; Nour has been involved every step of the guesthouse development plan, fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating a countryside home.